My First Tattoo

On Thursday this week, me and my sister had ourselves booked in to get a tattoo. I decided it would be pretty cool to talk you guys through my experience step-by-step.

We both turned up to the Fine Tattoo Establishment at 3, with my mother, all of us were soaking wet. Immediately the staff were super lovely and helpful and asked straight away (to double check) what we were both having. My sister went first. She’d already had 3 tattoo’s and felt way more confident then I did. Her tattoo took around 20 mins and I relaxed a bit more knowing it would be quick and easy, but then I saw the blood. This is her tattoo below, ink smudged everywhere and the whole yellow section covered up by a blotchy blood stain. It shot my confidence right back down again.  /If you didn’t know, her tattoo is the autism awareness symbol./

The tattooist finally called me over after resetting up his station. We talked for a good ten minutes because he said that I was getting my tattoo done ‘upside down’. I had to convince him that I was okay with this, and if it was the other way round I would be uncomfortable. “But other people wont be able to read it” he tried arguing with me. “Well it’s a good job I’m getting it for myself and not other people then, isn’t it?” I retaliated. He finally gave in and placed the stencil on my arm.

I spent a good 5 minutes looking at the stencil. I wanted it a little bit higher, which apparently wasn’t able to happen because of the creases that form when you bend your wrist. I also thought the writing was a bit too big but he explained that he couldn’t go any smaller because it wouldn’t ‘age well’. So after taking 5 minutes to come to terms with the fact that this was going to be on my body permanently, I finally relaxed and the guy was ready to start.

He started on the first letter and once I got over the initial shock of a needle jabbing into my arm, I didn’t think it was too bad. That was until he moved further right across my arm. I had to use every bit of restraint I had to not yell “OH SHIT” although I did think it in my head over and over. Luckily they were playing Bon Jovi songs on YouTube in the tattoo parlor. I was able to distract myself a little from the pain by mind dancing to these epic tunes.

After 35 minutes of mind numbing pain the tattoo was finally done. My whole wrist was on fire by the time the guy had finished doing the final touches. I peeled my eyes away from the music videos on the TV and took a look. First I was worried that the black smudged ink wasn’t going to come off any time soon. I didn’t really get a chance to look at it properly before he started to clean all of the ink off (thank God).

And here is the final product!! I absolutely LOVE it. It’s been a couple of days and it looks so much better now that I’ve been cleaning it. It still stings a lot but the pain is slowly fading. While it is a bit wonky, I have no regrets whatsoever, but I’m unsure if I’d get another tattoo.

I would love to hear about your tattoo experiences and your opinion on mine! ♥


10 thoughts on “My First Tattoo

  1. My sister and I. Wonky. Mad about the “t” too. Hashtag aesthetic. You won’t age well. Screw creases. This dude sucks. Upside down? How obsurd? No tattoos for me. I can’t even decide on a hair color.

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  2. I had a great experience by an artist who spent alot of time talking about it before hand. It came out beautiful. I got it on my back so it really wasn’t painful I fell asleep

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  3. I love your first tattoo! Mine was my son’s name faded into his birth sign wich is Cancer. I chose my upper back and it hurt a good bit at first, but after awhile it was more of a stinging feeling. Now I have two more son’s to add lol.

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  4. I’ve just had my 4th and am planning my 5th – I’ve got the bug! 3 of them took over 5 hours and I don’t find it painful, I love the whole experience! The pain comes for me over the next couple of days and feels like bad sunburn but it’s bearable and is well worth it. I love what mine represent to me and I think the artwork is amazing. I like tattoos with a meaning so really like yours and your sister’s.

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  5. I’ve got 6 tattoos so far, with some more in the pipeline. I really like the concept of yours, just don’t think I could handle it on the wrist (phobia of veins weirdly enough). Do you think you’ll be getting any more? xx


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