I Can’t Wait To Live Alone!

Most of you don’t know this, but I’m currently on the waiting list to be given a home. In the mean time I’m living in a shared house with a support worker on site 9-5. I really fucking hate it. I can’t even completely blame the people I live with because I know that I could of been sharing with worse.

I have my own bedroom with a lock on the door, as do my two other house mates. EVERY OTHER ROOM IS COMMUNAL, including the bathroom.

First of all, I really hate sharing a kitchen. Like I wash my shit up, leave it on the draining board for a few hours, put it away in my room. Well, I thought that was a good idea until I realised that even though I came with a brand new set of plates etc, (4 big plates, 4 bowls, 4 side plates) I now only actually have 2 bowls, 1 plate and 3 side plates. Assuming that magical fairy’s haven’t come and taken them, I can only assume that my roommates have. Also, when I moved in I was told I didn’t need my own roasting trays, frying pan, saucepans etc, but holy shit. I can’t even think about using them without wanting to be sick. EVERYTHING, including utensils are sticky. They look like they haven’t been washed for the past 1000 times they were used. They never empty the bins and they leave massive chunks of food in the sink. It’s so disgusting I try and spend as little time as possible in there.

Second, the bathroom. DOES NO ONE KNOW HOW TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. I do not want to wake up half way through the night needing a wee but having to wait and clean the toilet first because its covered in long brown hairs or piss. I hate having to go to my mothers to shower because the people I live with don’t know how to clean the bath after washing in it and I’m certainly not going to clean up after them, especially as I don’t know these people and I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest. If you want to live in filth fine, but at least try to be clean, if not both clean and tidy, while living with other people. This is a temporary home for all who live here so people come and go a lot, I’m sure most of these people feel the same way I do. One of the residents has lived here 2 and a half years, no wonder they haven’t given him somewhere else to live yet! If he can’t keep this place clean how is he going to manage his own place.

Third, both of the people that live here are drunks. They drink all day every day. I’m fucking sick of being woken up during the night/early in the morning because they’re being so noisy. Like chill the fuck out and be respectful of other people seriously. For a good ten minutes today all I heard was “Ash…” “what?” “Ash…” “what?” over and over. It drove me insane! If you’re gonna hang out and be noisy at ridiculous times of the day/night then please go somewhere else and do it.

Fourth, they think they can walk into my room whenever the fuck they want. They just barge in and try to talk to me. Like, knock first dicks. Also I dont know you, like at all, so I definitely don’t want you barging into my room.. I don’t even let family members do that!

But honestly, the main reason I’m excited to live on my own? (TMI) It would mean I could go to the bathroom whenever the fuck I wanted. I also wouldn’t have to worry about people stood outside the door listening, or someone already being in there. Second main reason? I could be naked 90% of the time. I fucking hate wearing clothes but I’m sure my current housemates would gauge their eyes out if they saw me going to the bathroom naked at 2am.

I understand living with decent respectful people that you know, or living with your family is different, but I really fucking hate sharing a house with people I don’t know, especially people who are super disrespectful.

Sorry about the rant!! I would love to hear your traumatising roommate stories! (It would make me feel better about mine!) Comment them below! ❤


5 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait To Live Alone!

  1. Just wanted to leave you some encouragement and tell you to hang in there! ❤ It's only a temporary situation! I have a LOOOOOONG list of terrible roommate stories but I would rather not remember them myself! 😉 lol Hope your situation improves soon! ❤ ❤ ❤ -Erin at http://www.stayathomeyogi.com

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