Missing In Action; My Life For The Past 3 Months

Okay, so I feel like this post needed to be a big update. You can't just disappear for 3 months without any explanation right? The last thing you guys heard from me I had just gotten a tattoo, so I'm going to first update you on that. I got my tattoo on the 16th of … Continue reading Missing In Action; My Life For The Past 3 Months


My First Tattoo

On Thursday this week, me and my sister had ourselves booked in to get a tattoo. I decided it would be pretty cool to talk you guys through my experience step-by-step. We both turned up to the Fine Tattoo Establishment at 3, with my mother, all of us were soaking wet. Immediately the staff were … Continue reading My First Tattoo

Day 23; If I Won The Lottery

Wow, imagine if I actually won the lottery. I don't think I'd actually believe it, nothing good ever seems to happen to me. As you know, I love lists, so I'm going to list everything that I would buy and do. I'm sure some things are generic things that everyone would choose and hopefully some … Continue reading Day 23; If I Won The Lottery